Our Philosophy

bio-1The New England Land Design planning philosophy combines listening to you with respecting the environment. This approach results from a process rather than rely on a superior artistic vision. Everyone has different tastes; some folks simply like to observe and live within a landscape and others treat gardening as a relaxing activity, or a quiet retreat. A busy family may prioritize recreation, ease of use and maintenance. A comfortable landscape setting for everyday activity must work within the ecology. Time has reinforced this belief; a well designed project creates a longer lasting visual impact and a valuable home improvement you can live and take pride in.




Landscaping is a major investment in the value of your home. Landscaping requires stewardship, respecting, understanding and caring for the environment. By reducing impacts on the small piece of the environment we live in, and blending with site advantages and limitations creates long term benefits. Fortunately stewardship with the environment adds value to Property
stewardship2Lifestyle Benefits

  • Reduce Energy Costsnew england land designShade Reduces Air Conditioning
  • Block Cooling Winter Windtyngsboro landscape designWind Break
  • Plants Improve the Airtyngsboro mass landscape designFilter Dust and Pollution
  • Help Global Warmingtyngsboro massachusetts landscape designPlants Adsorb CO2
  • Protect Water Qualitywestford landscape designMinimize Soil Erosion and Filter Water
  • Childrens Outdoor Playboston landscape designHealthy Low Pressure Play Environment
  • Gardeningwestford landscape designExercise with a Purpose at your Own Pace
  • Timewestford landscape designNo one yet has requested a high maintenance landscape
  • Resale Valuewestford mass landscape designAdd up to 14%

Recycled Landscape Materials

  • Screened Loamwestford massachusetts landscape designBlended with Composted Organic Waste
  • Bark Mulchwestford tyngsboro landscape designRecovered from Forestry Products
  • Fertilizerwaterscape designRecycled Organic Bi-products
  • CompostwatergardensRecycled Yard Waste, Leaves and Grass
  • Anti Desiccantrenovation landscape designRecycled Organic Bi-products
  • Plantsplanting designsTransplanting of Valuable Specimens
  • Metal Cans and Containerstheme gardensRecycled
  • Glass and Plastic BottleslandscapersRecycled
  • Planting Potsworking with landscapersProduced from Recycled Plastic
  • Plant Potslandscape designersReturned to Nursery for Reuse
  • Plastic Pipe and Detailslandscape designersProduced from Recycled Plastic
  • Hydro Seedrecycled landscaping debrisFiber Mulch Made of Recycled Paper

Recycled Landscaping Debris

  • Brush and Logswestford tyngsboro landscape designRecycled into wood chips, mulch or fuel
  • Scrap Metal Debrislandscape designDelivered to Scrap Yards for reprocessing
  • Leaves, Grass Organic Debrislandscape designTrucked to Composting Center
  • Concrete Debristyngsboro mass landscape designTrucked to Reprocessing Center
  • Asphaltlandscape design Trucked to Reprocessing Center
  • Office Waste Paperlandscape designRecycled
  • Engine Oil in Trucks and Machineswestford massachusetts landscape designReused as heating fuel