Our approach is to maximize your property while minimizing our impact on it. We divide landscaping work into three phases: Sitework, Hardscape and Planting. New England Land Design installers understand this process and approach the work as craftsmen. Our attention to detail will result in great landscaping that improves the visual result and long term durability of the landscape project.


Site Work

Prepare your Property for Landscaping

Site work can unlock your land’s potential. The fundamental process of organizing land into functional space creates the greatest change so it has to be well planned. Our role in the Design/Build process is understanding the right machine for the right job. With subtle touches we can blend your land creating a more natural finished terrain. We consider it a success when we are finished, when there is beautiful terrain that blends into the surroundings but, you cannot tell we altered the land

Working with natural terrain rather than overwhelming it with machines is more efficient and reduces damage to adjacent areas. Proper drainage benefits your landscape by reducing waters impact. A grading drainage system may include swales, catch basins, French drains, dry wells, rainwater holding tanks or collection gardens. Protecting native wetlands, the natural filter that cleans our community’s water supply, is a priority.

Balancing the cut and fill can minimize the cost of hauling excess soil to and from your site. Foundations for walkways, driveways, walls, and planting excavated to the correct depth insures the foundation is set for long term survival of New England Winters. Harmonious grading of new driveways, parking, slope side terraces, backfilling building foundations, can leave an unconstructed natural stage for finished landscaping. Retaining or placing natural ledge, large boulders and rock formations can provide or enhance interesting natural features.

Your new landscape may include existing valuable plant specimens that we can transplant into your new landscape. Existing trees are evaluated to maximize their potential and those selected for removal are chosen carefully. Grading work has to respect the root systems of retained trees while stumps are either ground down or removed.

We stockpile recovered loam for reuse in your landscape and provide legal, environmentally correct disposal of concrete, asphalt, stumps, brush and debris.




Building the Structure of Your Landscape

A traditional long lasting hardscape needs to complement its setting. Our approach considers hardscape a construction project rather than a gardening project. An emphasis on proper preparation in our relentless New England weather requires that hardscape have a proper foundation. This often overlooked, invisible preparation, is the secret for building long lasting outdoor features.

Our crews install a patio or walkway trimming details and patterns and finishing the surface with poly-muric stabilizer.  We specialize in building stonewalls applying old time Yankee “dry-set” principles of wall building that is part of our colonial history. A similar strategy is applied for building popular segmented concrete block walls.

Let us extend your enjoyment into the night and winter season by accenting it with LED and 12 volt landscape lights and fixtures.  We can build landscape structures including Decks, Arbors, Trellises or Pergolas which help incorporate the environment into the architecture.  We coordinate with swimming pool and spa installers, pavers as well as supervise fencing and sprinkler system installation.




Right Plant Right Place adding Life to Your Landscape

Plants and their environment work together as a living system. Understanding where different plants thrive and in different conditions is the artistic challenge. Matching each plant’s unique growing characteristics, size, foliage and flowers to the different micro growing environments that exist, in different areas of your yard leads to a natural looking composition. By emphasizing native plantings we can help create a natural setting for your home.

Our crew understands and uses latest planting techniques to give your landscape a head start. Blending native soil and compost, setting clean edges and installing a mulch cover to preserve soil moisture are the key details of a finished planting bed.  Plants are handled with care, properly prepared and finished. Applying liquid organic starter fertilizer, soil inoculants and anti-desiccant spray helps them quickly adapt and thrive with basic care.

A lawn carpet is the finishing touch to a landscape. The most important factor in cultivating a quality lawn is the depth of organic topsoil. Extra soil now saves extra water bills later. Existing conditions determine the amount of loam we provide. Whether seeding or laying out sod our lawns are hand finished, a smooth debris free surface is hand graded with an even application of amendments. Detailed care instructions we provide will leave you with an outstanding lawn.

Garden Soil:

custom-garden-soilsThe result along with some followup gardening work is a wonderful, flourishing gardenThe interface between soil and roots is the source of plant health. Poor soil conditions discourage a living environment. If the existing soil is poor or gardening is planned for an area, we need to work the soil. We prepare two types of soil, “Landscape Soil” or we will build “Garden Soil”.

Landscape Soil:

Is the soil we use for shrubs and trees. In these beds the existing soil is ammended with organic marterials such as peat moss or compost, sand to increase drainage or clay to increase the soil’s water holding capacity.

Garden Soil:

Is developed for areas where perennials and annuals will be planted. These soils are more intensive with the addition of mico- and macro-nutrients, lime stone, bloodmeal, bonemeal and baterial inoculant. Producing these conditons now create a much healthier soil and make it much easier to change out and refresh the garden later.

The first step in landscape or garden soil preparation is to do a soil analysis. As New England soils tend to be acidic, a (ph Test) is done to determine if it is within the 6.2 to 7.0 ph range, where nutrients are most available to the roots.

Earthworms serve as a good barometer for healthy soil, the more the better. Soggy ground tends to become compact and compacted soils will shed water as well as prevent oxygen and fertilizer from reaching the roots. The opposite situation occurs where soil is too granular allowing water to flow through quickly parching the plants.

Living organisms from earthworms, soil fungi and bacteria all have a roll in feeding plants and each type does its part to transform the organic particles into nutrients for plants. When finished a garden soil will have a granular texture to allow water to easily pass through it without getting too soggy.

The result along with some followup gardening work is a wonderful, flourishing garden


A quality pruning job upgrades the image of the entire landscape allowing it to reach its potential while making it easier to care for. As landscape plants grow they increase in size and value. So professional pruning can keep the setting of your home looking beautiful and protect your considerable investment in plants.

We approach this custom work as craftsman, considering the type, size and setting of each plant in its place. Proper pruning allows sunlight and air circulation into the plant which improves long term health while discouraging pests. Consistent pruning improves form and structure.

The scope of pruning services can range from a light touch up, a focus on one specimen tree or bed, to a comprehensive renovation protect. We supply and use the appropriate tools and equipment as well as removing all the trimmings and brush debris.

Why Winter?

Roots are a storage tank. Trees make sap all summer and store most of it in the roots for the winter. Then they go dormant it like anesthesia, they can’t feel a thing. And because their pests and diseases also slow down there is reduced risk of spreading them. This Limited Season fills quickly so Contact Us now to get on the schedule.

Professional Gardening

Perennial Planting Beds

All outstanding perennial garden beds have one thing in common; Great Soil!

Great soil allows garden hobbyists and professional gardeners to concentrate on planting compositions with reasonable effort. Our custom garden beds include building or even replacing existing soil. The building process includes loosening compaction and removing debris and stone, adding compost, micro-and macro-nutrients, lime stone, organic boosters and soil organism inoculant, while replacing soil allows you to start fresh with new healthily soil. Once soil preparation is complete we can install a NELD specialty garden that flowers all season or you can relax and enjoy planting your master piece.

Relaxing Water Gardens

The natural sound of water cascading or trickling over stone into a small pond is a great source of relaxation. The care and maintenance of a well-balanced aquatic ecosystem is surprisingly easy. A water garden can serve as a dynamic focal point for your landscape or a private meditation retreat.